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The Hour of Power Interview with Dr. Robert Schuller

Hour of Power Interview with Dr Robert Schuller

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Recent Radio Interviews

What next for you professionally after Covid?

Why Worry, It Probably wont happen anyway.

The Cycle of Life

The Twelve Steps for the Rest of Us

Taking a Moral Inventory of Your Life

What Vision do you Have for your Life?

How to Create Lasting Change in Your Life

Dealing with Workplace Prejudice

Overcoming Overwhelm After Lockdown

Creating Certainty where there is Fear

Seeking Progress Not Perfection

Preparing for a Job Interview after Lockdown

How to respond when you are caught off guard

Responding to Covid 19 with Faith not Fear

Building Resilience during Lockdown

How to get Unstuck in Life on Magic Talk

Loving Later in Life on Magic Talk

Business Resilience for the Business Owner on Magic Talk

Living Again After Adversity.

How to Celebrate the year just gone and plan for 2020

The Importance of Self Care for Success

How to have Lasting Change

Loving again Later in Life

How to truly transform your Life

What is your Kingpin?

What are you tolerating in life?

Moving from Grief to Greatness

Thinking of Changing your profession?

The Importance of Emotionally Decluttering.

So what do you want for 2019? Listen to the interview below.

What are your 2019 goals?

Last week on Radio Rhema Andrew and I spoke about loving again after loss. Whether it is through bereavement or a marriage break up, the journey is not an easy one.

Loving Again after Loss

Money Money Money! Let’s talk about it!

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Book a Complementary Session

Even more Radio Interviews.

The importance of Self Esteem

The Five Pillars of Resilience

Building Physical Resilience

Emotional Resilience

Quality Relationship and Resilience

Professional Resilience

Creating a Vision for Your Life

Getting healthy for summer

Finding your Passion in Life

Bullying is NOT OK! Dealing with Difficult people

How to remain in Balance over the Holidays


Setting Goals and Sticking to Them!

The Art of Giving and Receiving in a Relationship

Dealing with Grief after Tragedy

Your Answer to Everything – A Healthy Self Worth

How to have a Healthy Mind and Body.

My Journey of Infertility

Overcoming Overwhelm

Starting a new thing for Spring

Speak up Guys!

Finding your Passion in Life

How to get past Quitters Day January 19th

Recent Podcast interview with Life Strategist Kevin Bees

Podcast Interview on Resilience.

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