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        • When you Master resilience – you Master your life. The Five Pillars of Resilience and what you need to know in order to Master your personal and Professional life.
        • From Grief to Greatness. Overcoming Adversity – how to come back even stronger than before.
        • Sustained weight loss – losing it from the inside out!

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Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Overcoming Overwhelm and mastering resilience is my specialty, especially if you have just been through a major adversity in life. What accompanies the overwhelm is a loss of direction and personal identity, and my task is to help you overcome it and thrive again, both professionally and personally.

My background in Commerce and many years experience working with Business owners and executives has enabled me to understand many of the problems they face in their professional, and personal lives. I have the tools to enable you to not only overcome your overwhelm, but to also take your life to the next level.

  • Consulting to the CEO and Business Executive. Be prepared to dig deep as you learn to manage your professional and personal lives during times of overwhelm, loss or transition. Learning the skills on how to come back even stronger and master the art of resilience
  • Masterful consulting for the Business owner. Assisting you to cope with the everyday challenges of having a business and living a fulfilling, balanced life.

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List to one of my recent Radio Interviews on Resilience. 

Interview on Resilience


Click here watch the Masterclass on How to Overcome Overwhelm and come back even stronger after adversity.



Coming Back Even Stronger Adversity.

Overcoming Adversity and mastering resilience is one of the great blessings that has been presented to me on a number of occasions in my life.

Eventually you make the decision to truly live again, show up in every area of your life, master your health, your relationships and your professional life. You make the decision to live your life to your highest potential, instead of settling for mediocre.

If you are struggling to move forward after a major adversity or loss in life and you are tired of being stuck, then keep reading.

I can help you go from Grief to Greatness, from Overwhelmed to Unstoppable and move forward in your life again with meaning and purpose.

Click here watch the Masterclass on How to come back even stronger after adversity.

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Sustained Weight loss – losing it from the inside out.

If you find you are in a repeating cycle of weight loss, followed by weight gain, or simply have an unhealthy relationship with food, then you may want to chat. We all know how to shed the weight right? Keeping it off is the trick.

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Plus you can watch my Masterclass on how to have Food Freedom and be in optimal health.

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Loving again Later in Life 

Loving Again Later in Life is something that eventually we all want. If your current circumstances are due to a bereavement or even a relationship breakup and now want to have the confidence to find love again, then I can help.

It is not simply about dating, it is about coming back to your true authentic self, knowing what you want in your life, knowing your needs and then having the personal confidence to move towards it. 

Here is my most recent interview on Loving Again Later in Life plus a presentation on how to comeback to your true authentic self before you commit again. Simply click on the link below.

Interview Loving Again Later in Life


If you are ready, and if this is what you want, then lets talk.

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After confiding in a family member about some personal struggles I was having,  he suggested I chat with Tanya to see if maybe she would be a good fit for what I was going through. This family member had worked with Tanya a while back for totally unrelated issues and found her to be extremely helpful  and highly recommended her.

I was skeptical, but jumped right on it since I have so much respect for this family member. I chatted with Tanya the next day. Not only was she a good fit she was a perfect fit. Week after week working with Tanya , I could not believe that I was so blessed to have found her and her uncanny ability to somehow know exactly what I needed.  While doing the weekly program, I finally didn’t feel alone in my struggles or like it “must just be me”.  She really understood, she got it!

Tanya came to me at a time in my life with great uncertainty among other things. I did the work and week after week and  looked forward to our skype sessions. Her wisdom, kinds words, brutal honesty and exceptional ability to listen were something I came to rely on. Honesty, she is a Rock Star!

As our time together was nearing the end,  I had some bad news that I was sort of expecting. If her and I had not been working together, I  think I would have fell apart. Instead, I used the tools that I had learned from Tanya and drew strength from our conversations over several weeks and I did not fall apart!

Although, I am still a work in progress, I find myself almost daily thinking about and going back to what I learned in my time with Tanya. The only down side is, you will miss her when you are done even though she is only and email away!


I am utterly grateful to Tanya for the journey she led me through. During 12 weeks we worked with her, I transformed as a person in such a wonderful way.

Before meeting Tanya, I reached a point in my life when I lost contact with myself, with my intuition, with my body. This feeling of not knowing who you are, what you want and what you need, and being insecure and unsure about everything, is draining. I felt desperate, powerless and lost. And I overate. These 12 weeks led me to knowing. Today I know myself and I appreciate myself for who I am. I learned a new healthy way of relating to food, and developed some new impressive habits. I reconnected with my intuition, and it leads me to the decisions that are right for me. I discovered how it is to live a life of awareness and to be happy here and now, no matter what. This is an amazing way of living!

The tools and tricks I learned from Tanya, will stay with me for life. They have become a part of me through this transformation process, and therefore this knowledge will not easily be forgotten. I will be able to use it whenever I need. Thank you!


“ On deciding to use Tanya as my coach and mentor, in truth I had no idea what I was in for. Be prepared for lightbulb moments, uncanny coincidences and challenging questions in a very supportive and non-judgemental environment. Tanya will take you out of your comfort zone, however you will love her for it, as this is where the real growth happens! This value for money coaching has benefited me in many different areas of my life and will continue to do so as I further implement the strategies learnt”      David.

Tanya and I were introduced through the Tony a Robbins coaching program after I attended UPW in 2016. Tanya is an outstanding communicator, both as a listener and provider. Her understanding of and focus on my needs was excellent. Tanya is also truly compassionate and kind, as well as encouraging and appropriately demanding too. I would not hesitate to recommend Tanya as a results coach to anyone. A consummate professional as well as a genuinely lovely human being.

Mark Fountaine
National Sales Manager at Amgen

Have you ever experienced crisis in in your personal or professional life or felt that you are completely stuck? One year ago, I was at this place. From the outside my life looked kind of “perfect”. I moved to a new country, got my PhD, got a beautiful daughter, was doing postdoc at the university, have good colleagues… Yet inside I felt completely empty, there were no more life left in me. I felt like I’ve been fighting every singe day from an early age, in order to get out of poverty and be free. I’ve achieved my goals. But I had no life. I have collapsed. Completely.

At that time point I coincidentally met Tanya. During the first 2-4 weeks of our work, she rebooted my energy level, so I started to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”, and that there was a way out. Tanya was present for me 24/7. Step by step we uncovered my true desires, we let go everything that didn’t serve me, and transformed all areas of my life. My growth journey has been truly rewarding. I found my freedom, I found my passion and started a new business, I re-connected on a deeper level with my daughter, and connected to many wonderful people, who got my back.

I would highly recommend Tanya Unkovich to all who experiences crises in their life or a difficult life transition, or to those who knows that there is more to life, but don’t quite see how to get there.

Svetlana Sorokina
Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Bergen

“Just wanted to say a big THANKS Tanya. I really feel like I have benefited from the 12 week course. It’s different to other weight loss courses because the focus is on changing the mindset. Where the mind goes the stomach will follow! The holistic approach certainly worked for me. I’ve released 6.5kg by just making different choices rather than diet per se and gained more clarity around my triggers. I’m going to stay on for the kick-ass coaching so I can stay focused.” BW

I just want to thank Tanya for helping me get this far. I still have a long way to go but i know with Tanya`s help i will get there.
Tanya is amazing. She always puts her clients first. If i have a bad day or feel like giving up i email Tanya and she emails back and gets me on the right track again. Before i met Tanya i would starve myself then eat too much and end up putting extra weight on. I met Tanya 5 months ago and have lost over 20kg. But more than losing weight i have a different mindset. I use to be negative and always put myself down. Tanya has helped me be more assertive and see good in myself. Its all thanks to Tanya Unkovich. Thank you so very much

Vicki Small

Tanya’s programme has changed my life. I now have self esteem and I am no longer yoyo dieting. I am losing weight and celebrating my successes. Tanya is caring, professional and supportive.

Raewyn Long

“I know now that age is no barrier. I am a grandmother to 7 beautiful grandchildren. What was not so beautiful was the tone of my body. I am an avid walker and runner, competing in half marathons but despite all the exercise, my body was lacking tone.

I began resistence training with Tanya, and along with her guidance on nutrition, my body has changed. What do I notice most? My posture, strength and flexibility, my body toned and so much firmer. It is one of the best things I have ever undertaken to do.

I have been in mass classes at gyms for years, I could spend time at the gym and not be doing the routine right and then set myself up for an injury. The personal training that Tanya has given me is reassuring and focussed with positive results. “

Lois P.