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Keynote and Conference Speaker

Keynote and conference speaking:

        • Loving Again later in Life…….How!
        • Resilience – How to come back even stronger after adversity.
        • Resilience – Developing Personal and Professional Resilience
        • Resilience – Growing your Business and Growing You.

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Loving again Later in Life – Speaking and Coaching

Loving Again Later in Life is something that eventually we all want. If your current circumstances are due to a relationship breakup,  bereavement or you have simply waited and now want to have the confidence to date again, then I can help.

Many of my clients come to me with a certain presenting issue however what comes up so often is the desire to be in a loving relationship again. Not only to be ready for it, but to also allow yourself to be your true authentic self again and then attract the right partner.

I offer a specific Programme on Loving Again Later in Life, combined with individual coaching on helping you move forward again in the area of love. It is in fact taking a journey back to you.


Here is my most recent interview on Loving Again Later in Life. Simply click on the link.

Interview Loving Again Later in Life


To watch my masterclass on the simple steps you can take to make significant shifts in your life and learn how to love again later in life.

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Executive Coaching

Mastering resilience and learning how to come back after adversity and overwhelm is my specialty. 

My background in Commerce and many years experience working with Executives and Business owners has enabled me to understand many of the problems they face in their professional, and personal lives. I have the tools to enable you to not only overcome your challenges but to also take your life to the next level.

  • Consulting to the CEO and Business Executive. Be prepared to dig deep as you learn to manage your professional and personal lives during times of Adversity. Learning the skills on how to come back even stronger and master the art of resilience
  • Masterful consulting for the Business owner. Assisting you to cope with the everyday challenges of having a business and living a fulfilling, balanced life.
  • Mastering your physical and emotional health: Weight management is one of my master areas of strength. To operate at your highest level you need to be in Optimal Health – I can get you there. 


I offer an Executive Coaching Programme

Overcoming Overwhelm: the Five Pillars of Resilience

This programme is all about building your muscle of resilience…overcoming overwhelm and adversity. You will master the Five Pillars of Resilience: Physical, Emotional, Professional, Quality Relationship and finally, Meaning and Purpose. In addition to having the comprehensive programme you will be coached by Tanya to ensure you have developed a rock solid sense of personal certainty and confidence.


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Below is the link to a recent Radio Interview I did on Resilience. 

Interview on Resilience



Physical Resilience Programme

Sustained weight loss and other areas of weight management is one of the areas I am an expert in, and have mastered in my own life and of course helped many of my clients with as well. If you would like to either lose weight or come of the cycle of yo-yo dieting and having long term stability with your weight, then I can help.

To learn more about how I can assist you then book a complementary session with me to see how best I can help you reach your goals and transform your life. Simply click on this link below.

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Life after Loss Programme

Coming back stronger after adversity is one of the areas of mastery that has been presented to me on a number of occasions in my life.

Going through the grieving process as a result of infertility and then later in life with the loss of my young husband to cancer where my two big ones. Learning how to live through the loss and make meaning of my life was a major turning point. Then to learn how to live again, to love again, and most importantly, feel joy again. If you are struggling to move forward after a major life loss or transition, then I can help.

I offer a programme on how to Learn to Live again, After Loss. It is in fact a Journey Back to You.

To  learn more about this Programme then book a complementary introductory session with me by clicking on the link below.

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If you want to know a little about my story and the shifts I needed to make in order to find meaning and purpose again in life then watch this short presentation.

My Journey through Loss








The Hour of Power Interview with Dr. Robert Schuller


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Hour of Power Interview with Dr Robert Schuller



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