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Unplanned Journey; a Triumph in Life and Death

Unplanned Journey

On November 8 2004, his 48th birthday, my husband Philip Morrow was diagnosed with cancer. Five months later, on April 12 2005, he took his last breath in my arms.

It was Phil’s deep desire to write a book about his journey and to inspire others about the power of hope and faith. On the final day of his life after having been told that he had only days to live Phil said to me, “Tarn, don’t forget to bring in my journal tomorrow as this will be good for my book”.

Within days of Phil’s passing, I had a deep knowing to write his book for him and there I began to expand my personal love and passion of writing to the world around me.  Another personal journey for me had begun.

Part one of “Unplanned Journey; A Triumph in Life and Death”, tells the story of Phil’s journey and his extraordinary belief in living his life on his terms and his personal process.

Part two tells the story of my own journey from the time of Phil’s passing to just after his first anniversary. I invite the reader to walk beside me as I learn how to find meaning from my experience and a purpose in my life when at times there appeared to be none.

This is one of the most moving and courageous stories I have ever read. The experience of watching the love of your life die must be extraordinarily harrowing. The fact that both Tanya and her husband documented what they were going through during his last days must surely be the staunchest gift to anyone else facing the same experience. This is a love story beyond parallel. Ann Andrews, author, CSP

I couldn’t put it down. This book is as real and raw as they come. Tanya bares all and takes you on her very personal journey through loss, darkness, and depression and shares how she crawled back into the light. Truly a celebration in the resilience of the human spirit, a lesson we can all learn from. Michele Comeau, Author/Researcher/Speaker


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Unplanned Journey; a Triumph in Life Death, Workbook Companion

Unplanned Journey Workbook CompanionThis work book is a companion to my first book, Unplanned Journey; A Triumph in Life and Death.

It details useful tools and strategies to cope with the grieving process, or any form of life transition for that matter.

These tools I have gathered over the years during my own journey, my studies as a life coach, and what I see has worked for my clients.

In addition to assisting the reader through the grieving process, many of the strategies outlined are to do with moving forward on many levels during any life transition. Throughout the pages I encourage you to once again find some meaning and purpose in your life for the future.


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