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“A great workshop! Tanya is an excellent facilitator, participants were able to speak from the heart in the warm, caring and non- threatening enviroment. I will recommend these workshops to my patients who are coping with life threatening illnesses`, trauma and fear. Michele Urlich. Mt Albert Lymphoedema Clinic”



“Tanya came into our practice and performed an overview of our systems.

We also required business mentoring during the restructuring of our medical practice and we found her approach was both professional and highly efficient. 

Tanya has always made herself available to us when we felt we needed ongoing support or training which as a result has made us feel valued as her client.”

Dr Allan K.Phillips  D.O. MICAK ( USA)  MCrOA (ENG)



“I know now that age is no barrier.  I am a grandmother to 7 beautiful grandchildren.  What was not so beautiful was the tone of my body.  I am an avid walker and runner, competing in half marathons but despite all the exercise, my body was lacking tone. 

I began resistence training with Tanya, and along with her guidance on nutrition, my body has changed.  What do I notice most?   My posture, strength and flexibility,  my body toned and so much firmer.  It is one of the best things I have ever undertaken to do.

I have been in mass classes at gyms for years,  I could spend time at the gym and not be doing the routine  right and then set myself up for an injury.   The  personal training that Tanya has given  me is  reassuring and focussed  with positive results. “  

Lois P.


“Just wanted to say a big THANKS Tanya. I really feel like I have benefited from the 12 week course. It’s different to other weight loss courses because the focus is on changing the mindset. Where the mind goes the stomach will follow! The holistic approach certainly worked for me. I’ve released 6.5kg by just making different choices rather than diet per se and gained more clarity around my triggers. I’m going to stay on for the kick-ass coaching so I can stay focused.”   BW


I just want to thank Tanya for helping me get this far. I still have a long way to go but i know with Tanya`s help i will get there.
Tanya is amazing. She always puts her clients first. If i have a bad day or feel like giving up i email Tanya and she emails back and gets me on the right track again. Before i met Tanya i would starve myself then eat too much and end up putting extra weight on. I met Tanya 5 months ago and have lost over 20kg. But more than losing weight i have a different mindset. I use to be negative and always put myself down. Tanya has helped me be more assertive and see good in myself. Its all thanks to Tanya Unkovich. Thank you so very much 

Vicki Small


Tanya’s programme has changed my life. I now have self esteem and I am no longer yoyo dieting. I am losing weight and celebrating my successes. Tanya is caring, professional and supportive.

Raewyn Long


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