An Extraordinary life.

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Many people ask me “what exactly do you do?”. You are an Accountant, Business Consultant and even a qualified Therapist and Life Coach. You are also a Published Author and have done quite a bit of public speaking. How exactly can you help me?

Well yes, I have studied much in my life and yes this provides me with many skills. My qualifications and achievements are something I am proud of and enable me to assist my clients on a very wide and deep level.  It is however my life experiences and how I have overcome them that has contributed and defined who I am today. These experiences are what have enabled me to provide my clients with the tools and strategies when they decide to engage my services and finally get the results they have been after.

In short, do you want to improve your life or your business? If so, then I can deliver.

Having lived through some major life events, I can say I have been there and I can show you how to get there as well.

I have helped professionals move through the blocks that have stopped them from realising their full potential and living a fulfilling and healthy life.

> Weight loss and having life long results is one of my specialty areas. We deal with far more than the food! It is not all about the food. Physical resilience can be achieved and maintained.

> If you are currently facing some type of adversity or have done in the past and need to get through it and come back even stronger, then I can help. Resilience is my specialty area.

If you want to finally achieve results and experience fulfilment at the same time then please reach out, let’s speak in person and discuss specifically how I can make this happen for you.






* Bachelor of Commerce – Auckland University

* Diploma in Counselling – Manukau Institute Technology

* Mentor, Business Mentors Central Region, Voluntary.

* Member NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants

* Member International Coaching Federation.

* NZ Certificate In Personal Training Level 4


* Member NZ Speaker’s Association

* Published Author

* Former Results Coach for Anthony Robbins Companies

* Past Presenter of Hour of Power NZ

* Regular contributor Verve Magazine


Email:  Skype: tanya.unkovich

Cell: 0274 821 979 (+64)274 821 979