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Have you ever experienced crisis in in your personal or professional life or felt that you are completely stuck? One year ago, I was at this place. From the outside my life looked kind of “perfect”. I moved to a new country, got my PhD, got a beautiful daughter, was doing postdoc at the university, have good colleagues… Yet inside I felt completely empty, there were no more life left in me. I felt like I’ve been fighting every singe day from an early age, in order to get out of poverty and be free. I’ve achieved my goals. But I had no life. I have collapsed. Completely.

At that time point I coincidentally met Tanya. During the first 2-4 weeks of our work, she rebooted my energy level, so I started to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”, and that there was a way out. Tanya was present for me 24/7. Step by step we uncovered my true desires, we let go everything that didn’t serve me, and transformed all areas of my life. My growth journey has been truly rewarding. I found my freedom, I found my passion and started a new business, I re-connected on a deeper level with my daughter, and connected to many wonderful people, who got my back.

I would highly recommend Tanya Unkovich to all who experiences crises in their life or a difficult life transition, or to those who knows that there is more to life, but don’t quite see how to get there.

Svetlana Sorokina



“Tanya came into our practice and performed an overview of our systems.

We also required business mentoring during the restructuring of our medical practice and we found her approach was both professional and highly efficient. 

Tanya has always made herself available to us when we felt we needed ongoing support or training which as a result has made us feel valued as her client.”

Dr Allan K.Phillips  D.O. MICAK ( USA)  MCrOA (ENG)



“Tanya has been an amazing business mentor. In the short time that we’ve been meeting up, my small florist business has bloomed (pardon the pun). Each time we meet up, she offers inspirational, practical advice that I can easily put into practice which has in turn, helped me grow my business. I’m so excited to have her guide me through my first year in business”. – Rosie Holt


“A great workshop! Tanya is an excellent facilitator, participants were able to speak from the heart in the warm, caring and non- threatening enviroment. I will recommend these workshops to my patients who are coping with life threatening illnesses`, trauma and fear.                        Michele Urlich. Mt Albert Lymphoedema Clinic”

Speaking Testimonial.
“How to make the worst day of your life the Best day of your life!”

“Tanya Unkovich was one of three professional speakers at the recent 50th anniversary of Rotorua Toastmasters. She took us on a journey through her life which had been impacted by the death through cancer of her late husband. Her story was very engaging and did not shy away from very personal and emotional parts of her life. Tanya’s speech was also peppered with humour and along the way the audience learned about Croatian culture, the challenges of dating later in life and the reliability of cats to pick Mister Right. Whilst being well entertained, members of Rotorua Toastmasters also had the opportunity to learn how to craft a speech that will hold the attention of the audience from start to finish”. Admin Thumm




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